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You Are Not Alone

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Sharing real life stories that will inspire you to have and enjoy a life filled to the overflow with peace and joy, no matter what

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Teaching proven strategies that will add value to your life and help you reach your highest potential

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Abundant Life Coaching

Walking along side you to help you define and achieve your hearts desires

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Finance Coaching

How would you like to live without the heavy burden of debt? We can help you get on a program that will keep your finances in order and your peace intact.

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Spread the News Ministries is a people focused, hope filled organization that believes in treating the whole person: spirit, soul and body. Through various speaking engagements, informative classes and insightful one-on-one coaching, we seek to help you achieve your optimal goals in all areas of your life. 

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Offering Hope for Today and Always…

One of the biggest lies we are lead to believe is: “I am all alone!” This often leaves us feeling helpless and lost, but here’s the Good News: Life doesn’t have to be a burden you carry all on your own. Let us help you navigate through all of its demands through our Abundant Life Coaching programs. Contact us for more information…

Spread the News Ministries wants to walk along side you so that you will be encouraged to face all of life’s challenges with confidence. We will work together to develop a complete plan that will help your life be filled with the peace and joy you have always longed to have. Call for a free consultation today… 

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Hi Friends,
Whew! Oh my it has been a long, hard year for me! The past 18 months have taken me on a wild ride through some of the toughest self-examination that I have endured thus far. And considering the difficult trials we experienced with my Angel Pie, that’s saying a lot! But by


12-31-18 I Am New Again Rev 21:5
Hi Friends,
We end this year of “I Am” statements the same way we started it, and yet not in the same place we started. I will explain, but first listen to the words of Jesus:
“He who was seated on the throne said, ‘I am making everything


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