1-9-17 God’s Love Guarantees Victory

Hi Friends,
Have you ever felt like you were fighting a losing battle? The truth is, if you have sincerely surrendered your heart to Jesus as Savior and Lord, the Love of God guarantees our ultimate victory. Listen to this final aspect of God’s Love:
“Love never fails.” (1 Co 13:8 NIV)
Love. God loves us so much deeper than we can ever fully grasp. While He never condones our selfish ambitions, God understands our human tendencies. He understands the pull to look out for ourselves at the expense of others. He understands the frustrations of living in a human body, in a fallen worlds, with wicked temptations all around. He understands because He came down from Heaven, became Human and personally experienced every situation that any human will have to live through. And He did it all because He loves us. Jesus did not give in to His Human tendencies. He did not put Himself above anyone else. He did not sin by falling into any temptation. Jesus lived a human life fully focused on God’s Love, and in Christ, we can too. Because God loves us so much deeper than we can ever fully grasp, we can trust Him to help us live the Abundant Life, filled to the overflow with God’s Love.
Love never. God loves us so deeply that He promises that He will never leave us nor forsake us, never. (Jos 1:5; Heb 13:5) It really doesn’t matter what we do, God is committed to loving us, and He will remain by our side no matter what. Again, God never says sin is okay, but what He does say is that He has already paid the costly price for our forgiveness. Jesus gave everything so we could be with Him forevermore. Because God loves us so deeply and promises never to leave us, we can be sure that He is with us, equipping us and empowering us to live through every circumstance in life with peace and joy intact. The problem comes when we forget that we belong to God and turn away from His guiding hand. But in Christ, we can choose to hold on to God’s Love more and more until we never leave Him, never.
Love never fails. It is because God loves us that He will never fail us. And because He will never fail us, we can never fail. Oh we might have momentary set backs, but ultimately, because of Jesus, we are assured victory. In Christ, the overall war for Life is already won, but also in Christ, we don’t need to lose any battles in between either. God promises us that we will not be tempted beyond our ability to resist. He promises that He made a way out for us when things get really tough. The escape route for believers is always prayer. Prayer reminds us we are never alone. It helps us connect with God and lift all situations to Him. It turns our focus to our Almighty God instead of the worldly, temporary circumstances. When we bring God into whatever is currently happening, our peace is restored, our joy is ignited and God’s Love pours into our hearts and then out of us onto the world around us.
God’s Love never fails. The more we believe this truth, the more we will live a life reflecting it. Every time I find myself feeling confused, I remember this truth and I receive clarity about what’s going on. Every time I begin to feel stressed out, I remember this truth and sense an overwhelming calmness. Every time I start getting depressed, I remember this truth and a deep joy that lifts me up overtakes me. My Friends, let this simple truth- that God loves you beyond measure- shape every thought, word and deed in your life today and every day. That’s want I want. How about you? Then won’t you join me?
Until we meet again, keep lifting your eyes to God, He’s closer than you think…
<>< Peace, Diane
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