10-22-18 I Am Held Col 1:17

Hi Friends,

There have been so many devastating hurricanes lately in the news. Let us continue to pray for those affected, for it will take a long time to recover. Besides the great winds and amounts of heavy rainfall and floods, another thing that makes them so dangerous is when objects that are not held down and anchored to a secure foundation become missile weapons that can quickly fly away and cause all sorts of additional damage. I believe there is a huge lesson we can learn from these natural storms. Shall we talk about it?

“He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” Col 1:17

I am held. In this life, storms will come, both literal and figurative. We should not be surprised when the winds pick up speed and the rains start pouring down. This is a part of our fallen world. The moment Adam and Eve invited sin into this world, they invited every other destructive force too. In addition to the declining weather, ravaging storms like poverty, divorce, slavery and war were never a part of God’s Holy Will for this world He lovingly created. As if those tragedies are not bad enough, the angry words we fling at each other, the lack of compassion we let loose, can cause lasting damage that takes years to overcome. But because God honors our Free Will choices, He had to work all these catastrophes into His Permissive Will for us. Even though God did not want us humans to know evil, much less choose it, true Love must allow the one they love to be free to choose their own way. We humans chose to let go of God and His Holy Will. We chose not to be held to God’s standards, and have been paying that high cost ever since. Thus this fallen world with all its various “storms”! But God is God, and as He works with our choices, He promises to hold all things together, not allowing any storm to destroy us.

I choose to be held. God does not force Himself upon us, but He is constantly reaching out to us, always offering and drawing us into a relationship with Himself. This is what He means when He promises not to leave nor forsake us. No matter how many times we leave and forsake Him, He is always and only a prayer away. When life’s storms hit, and hit they will, we can remember Who is holding on to us, Who is our anchor, and we can have great peace in the midst of that storm. He will help us hold our tongues, giving us the words and the heart to say those words so that we do not add to the destructiveness of the storm with words that can feel life flying missiles. He will keep us calm so we will not fly off the handle and do things we will regret. When we remember Jesus is holding us and everything else together, we can avoid making a difficult circumstance even worse.  Whether it is a real physical, emotional or even a perceived storm our anchor is sure in Christ. He is always with us to guide, to comfort, to provide for all our needs. Jesus is still calming our storms…IF we call on Him in Faith. IF we trust Him to lead us to safety. IF we lean on Him instead of our own understanding. IF we choose to let Him into our hearts and minds, Jesus is Faithful to hold us together.

Will you choose to be held? I am not sure what storm is hitting your life right now, but I do know, the moment you allow Jesus into the problem, He will either resolve it or give you the resolve to endure it. Turn to Him. Unburden your soul by telling Him exactly how you feel. He already knows it and has already determined to Love you no matter what. Then allow Him to speak to you, to give you insight, to fill you with His Peace and His Joy. Again, either He will resolve the issue or give you the resolve to endure it…either way you will be better off because of the storm. You will be stronger than before. You will be wiser than before. And you will have a deeper relationship with our loving God than ever before. He has so graciously held me together for so many years now that I have learned to run to Him the moment I begin to hear the rushing wind and see the dark clouds coming my way. Let Him do the same for you….then you can join me in this journey called “Life” and praise Him through every storm.

Until we meet again, keep lifting your eyes to God, He’s closer than you think.

<>< Peace, Diane