12-24-18 I Am Peace Php 4:7

Hi Friends,

Before I knew Christ as my Savior and Lord, I never really spent that much time thinking about “peace.” I never really knew the value of keeping my cool when everything in “my world” was upside down. I never really even was aware that I had the power to control my emotions and remain clear-headed in the midst of chaos. That is, until I met Jesus right in the middle of my worst nightmare. Let’s discuss it, shall we?

“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Php 4:7 NIV

Jesus is the Prince of Peace. I do hope you are familiar with the lovely verse above. When Beckie fell into, what would be her first comatose state, my heart broke and my world became filled to the overflow with chaos and darkness. Right there, right in the center of all the doctors literally running back and forth trying to stabilize her, Jesus revealed Himself to me in a powerful way. That “peace of God, which transcends all understanding” poured over me and I was calmer than I had ever been in my whole life before…and I have had the blessing to sense that sweet rest in the Lord many times after. It is one thing to be at peace when all your world is going right, it is a completely different thing to be wrapped in God’s arms and be perfectly peaceful in the midst of great chaos. But this is exactly why we all are desperate for this amazing Prince of Peace! Life is filled with challenges. On our own, our resources to stay cool in the midst are limited at best and nonexistent at worst. We need this Jesus Who gives us His peace so we can, not only endure life’s hardships, but thrive in spite of them. This has been my experience, I hope you have tasted this awesome feeling as well. Because Jesus gives us His peace, we can live at peace no matter what life throws at us.

Jesus gives us His Peace. “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” (Jn 14:27) This world tries to teach us that peace is only found when we get everything we want. Only when we achieve our greatest goals can we rest. Only when others treat us the way we desire them to treat us can we find fulfillment. The problem with this mentality is that our “peace” is forever determined by things and others who are out of our control. This world thinks that peace comes from external sources, but these are always changing so how can we have consistent and lasting peace? No. The peace Jesus gives us comes from our union with Him. The moment we surrender our lives to Christ as Savior, the Holy Spirit joins our spirit to indwell us forevermore. He brings peace with Him and becomes our internal source of peace. Because God the Father loves us so, because Jesus surrendered His Life for our sake and because the Holy Spirit comes to live within us, we can have and live in peace. With this internal power from our Prince of Peace, we can choose to not “LET” our hearts be troubled. We can choose to continue placing our Faith in this God Who loves us beyond our understanding and wants us to go through all life’s trials with that “peace which transcends all understanding.” It is our choice to receive this peace and operate in it. And the more we choose to do so, the more we can be peace to those around us.

I am peace because of the Prince of Peace. All the gifts the Holy Spirit brings with Him when He enters into our hearts to live for all eternity are meant to bless us then overflow from us. The first time the Lord showed me this was back there in that Pediatric Intensive Care unit room as Beckie fell into that first coma. I stood calmly in the room as I watched all the staff running back and forth as I mentioned above. I saw her nurse become paralyzed in panic, not sure what she should do. Then she looked at me and suddenly went into motion. It was later that night that she told me, if she had not sensed my complete peace, she would not have been able to gather herself and do what needed to be done. She said I was so peaceful it snapped her back into motion. Peace that transcends understanding really does overflow quite literally to others around you. It is tangibly real. It is totally transforming. It is greatly powerful. And the more we grow in Christ, the more of this wonderful peace we experience and share with “our world.” Would you like to be able to have such control over yourself that, not only are you calm and clear minded, but those around you are too? Jesus is the only source for this kind of peace. Receive Him today, whether for the first time or in a deeper sense, and begin to live life more abundantly than ever before! I know that’s what I want…won’t you join me?

Until we meet again, keep lifting your eyes to God, He’s closer than you think!

<>< Peace, Diane