2-12-18 I Am Born Again 1Pe 1:23

Hi Friends,

There is something inexplicably wonderful about the birth of a baby, don’t you agree? This tiny human filled with every potential and this promise of a new life automatically brings smiles to our lips. Being born is an amazing miracle…and being born again is even more amazing! Let’s talk about it…

“since you have been born again, not of perishable seed but of imperishable, through the living and abiding word of God;” 1 Pe 1:23 ESV

I am born again. This term confuses so many people, but what it simply means is, much like that newly birthed baby, there is a new life formed. In Christ, we become a completely different being. Sure on the outside, we look, and too often act, like that same old person, but inside something new has happened. The best way to understand this is to think of a pregnant woman. When she conceives a child in her womb, nothing on her outside looks different. She doesn’t instantly pop a big belly, right? No, this takes time, but certainly a new life has been formed within her. It is like that when we sincerely receive Jesus as our Savior and Lord. The Holy Spirit unites with our dead spirit, bringing it to Life, and our New Life begins. We are born again!

I am born again. Why “again”? Because we were born physically already, but now we are born a second time, spiritually and eternally this time. Thus born AGAIN. While we have no choice in our first birth- the conception and forming of our physical bodies- we have the power by God’s Grace to choose this spiritual birth for ourselves. Think about it, you had no choice when you would be born. You had no choice where on the planet you would be born. You had no choice into which socioeconomic condition you would be born into, right? No control and no power over our first birth…but because Jesus made The Way for us, we can choose this second birth. Because God loves us, He draws us to Him so we can see there is even a choice to make. When we get so dissatisfied with life as we know it, hopefully we are led to Jesus where we are given another choice. This choice is whether to trust God and be born again or to continue living status quo. Whether to lean on His Grace and receive a New Life or keep making the same choices that are leading to this discontented life we have been experiencing. When we believe that God has something better waiting for us, we receive the Holy Spirit and are born again.

I am born again. You see my Friends, before Christ we really had no other choice. When someone made us angry, we acted angry. If someone insulted us, we would get offended. If we were hungry, we would grab anything to eat…if we are honest, we had little to no self-control. At best, we may have experienced a limited self-control and only in certain areas of our life, by God’s Grace. But when we become born again, we are no longer who we were. We are no longer alone and left to our own devices. We have this New Life in us, the Holy Spirit united with our newly born spirit, giving us new insight and empowering us to live a new way. So now, when someone makes us angry, we can choose to forgive and not ACT angry. Now when someone insults us, we can let it slide off of us instead of sticking in our hearts. Now when we get hungry, we can stop and make wise choices about what to eat. The examples are really endless, but I hope you are getting the picture. The Holy Spirit now shows us there is another way to live. With Jesus as our example, we CAN turn the other cheek and be perfectly fine with that. Knowing that God loves us we can live above our weaknesses, and moreover, we can work with God to transform those flaws into beauty. It all starts with becoming born again.

I am born again. My Friends, we were never intended to live this old life filled with struggles and suffering and misery. We were created for Paradise, and while we will only get a taste of that Life here, in Christ, we can choose to begin experiencing it here. The only way to do this is to become more than you ever have been, to become born again…then the Abundant Life becomes real! I want that how “bout” you? Then won’t you join me?

Until we meet again, keep lifting your eyes to God, He’s closer than you think…

<>< Peace, Diane

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