9-26-16 God’s Love is Patient

Hi Friends,

The number one message God wants each of us to know beyond a shadow of a doubt is simply that He loves us. Sadly, we too often overuse the amazing word “love” that this message becomes diluted. It’s our habit to say things like, “I love my house,” or “I just love that song,” or, “I really love pizza,” (ok, maybe that last one is just me 😜), but this misuse belittles the real meaning of God’s Love. We must learn to reserve the use of this precious word for those that truly matter, not things that are here today and gone tomorrow. While we may surely enjoy and should even be grateful for our home, a song, and different types of foods, we should only love God and other human beings.

Another problem that causes us to question this simple message is that we tend to judge the truth of God’s Love for us according to the hard events of life. In a world where every person is touched by evil, whether it be the tragic events of 9-11 or the reality of childhood cancer for instance, if we do not truly believe this message, we begin to doubt its validity. But God’s Love for us must be the foundation of all our beliefs. It must be the lens through which we see every other event in life. It must be the motive behind every action we take. Anything less and we begin to distort its purity. We will not be fully impacted by this truth. And we will not be able to share this kind of deep love with others.

God loves me. Let’s spend the next couple of weeks talking about what God’s Love is and what it is not. We will use “the love chapter” 1Corinthians 13 as the basis for our discussions. This week hear and think about the first item in 1Co 13:4: Love is patient.

God loves me. And because He loves me, He is so very patient with me. You see, we humans for the most part have the ability to make our own choices…and if we are honest, our decisions are not always the best. We see life through our limited viewpoint which causes us to make shortsighted decisions that have the potential to bring more pain than peace, more sorrow than joy and more problems than solutions. But since God is well aware that we are His children and so, will make these less than optimal choices now and again, He understands and allows us to discover certain realities from these options. God never leaves us on our own to figure it out, but gently watches, stands by, guides, offers assistance, and so on, until we are back in His arms, letting Him once again lead the way. This is one of the ways how children learn. I’ve been teaching at a school all summer and have watched this truth play out countless times with the babies I tend. I try to help them make a good choice, but they insist on having their way. Since I am more experienced than they are, I know what will happen, so I patiently watch over them to catch them when they inevitably (and usually literally) fall. They cry and I brush them off and encourage them to make that original choice…this is what God does for us, and since He is Omniscient- He knows everything- He patiently works with us to cause things to eventually go the way He originally planned.

God loves me. It is because His Love for us is so deep and so true that He can be so patient with us. Let’s remember and imitate this incredible display of love with those around us more and more as we continue to work with God to be transformed into His Image, shall we? It’s certainly one of my main goals in life, how about you? Then won’t you join me?

Until we meet again, keep lifting your eyes to God, He’s closer than you think…

<>< Peace, Diane

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