What are your ashes? What are the things that you turn to when life throws you an unwanted curve? What happens inside of you that cause you to sit and do nothing instead of moving forward? For me it is a paralyzing depression that expresses itself in unhealthy eating choices, becoming a zombie in front of the TV and/or sleeping my day away. These are my ashes and I can decide to sit in them and go nowhere or to get up, shake them off, and move forward with life. I can do this only because I have the power of the Holy Spirit living on the inside of me. It is only by the Grace of God that I can have the ability to make a new choice. In Christ, I don’t need to continue to do the same unproductive, self-destructive things I used to do. When life throws me down to the ground, I can choose to get back up again…and the more I choose to get back up again, the more quickly I do so. It is a matter of training myself. When I first began my journey with the Lord, I used to sit in my ashes for weeks on end…until He moved me out of it by presenting me with something I had to move forward about. It usually involved yet another hospital admission with Rebecca. When it came to her, I moved. But now that she is no longer here, I was finding it really hard to get back up again. But the more I practice, the better it is getting. Now I can sit in my ashes for a day or so and I have got to get myself out of it because I sense the overwhelming, life-draining impact on my life. I turn to God quicker and quicker and ask Him to help me shake it off and lift me up and He does. I think the turning point (the moment when I turn to God and away from just sitting there doing nothing) for me is this sense that He has got a good plan for my life. One in which I can glorify His name, honor Rebecca’s trials and memory, and be a blessing to many…it is the motivating factor in my life that gets me to shake off life’s trials and walk one step at a time with God instead of sitting in those ashes. So I ask again: what are your ashes? God can and wants to help you shake them off too…will you let Him? The more I let Him, the more fulfilling my life gets…do you want that too? Then won’t you join me?