Miracle in the Clouds

Can you see anything amazing in this picture? Look closely at it- study it for a moment before you read on….


Can you see it? If you don’t, it is okay, but before you look at the last picture to see what I saw, let me give you the background story behind this miraculous picture. My family and I have been greatly blessed in countless ways even though we have also endured great suffering, pain and agony. I have learned to be grateful in whatever circumstances I find myself in because I have experienced God’s amazing Grace in my life. Now more than ever, I know that I know I am never alone and His love comforts me like nothing else can. I have also learned to sense the Holy Spirit’s “promptings”- that is, He has a way of leading me to focus on certain things when He has something to show me…and that is certainly what has happened in this case.

A few years after my Baby Girl, Rebecca, passed away, nothing major had yet happened in my life. I thought that God had promised to use our experiences to be a blessing to others, but I was still at home, alone, with no “audience” to share my love of God with. I began to feel like God had forgotten me. Like any plan He may have had for using me to further His Kingdom died with her. I felt lost, confused and abandoned. That’s when I felt a “prompting” from the Lord in the form of a sweet little prayer that come up and out of me. Sometimes I sing my prayers and this precious one came out in the tune of “Prayer” by Celine Dion and it went like this: “Take me to a place…Where I can see Your Face…And know that You are truly there.” It was May 2013 and for the next month or so, every now and again, this prayer would come streaming up and out of me.

A couple of months after this, in July, my family and I were blessed to be able to return to Jamaica but, before we went, I felt this inner desire, another “prompting,” urging me to go to the city Negril while in Jamaica and, so, I was determined to make it to that town. We fly on Joe’s airline benefits (yet another blessing!) and though we had decided to come back home on a Thursday, Joe saw that the flights looked full and so we changed our plans to come home the next day. Now I had made all the reservations at the resort already so I had to book an extra day and, again those “prompting” feelings came over me as I thought to myself, “Okay Lord, what is that all about?”









(Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort in Lucea, Jamaica)

Fast forward to our arrival at the beautiful resort (Pictures above- highly recommended!), and we found out at the excursion desk that the local folks were having a wild party in Negril, that it would not be over until Wednesday, and it was NOT recommended that we go there until then. We decided to give them a day to recoup and made plans to visit on Thursday. (Reminder: Thursday is the day we should have been coming home from our trip..hmmm did God have something special waiting for us on that particular day?)



So Thursday comes and we go on our trip to IMG_1839Negril. We visited a beach in Margaritaville (B-E-A-Utiful!), did a little shopping, then we were to go to a place called Rick’s Cafe to watch the sunset. Another “prompting” overwhelmed me and I just had to see that sunset. Again being so greatly blessed, of course we have seen God’s glorious sunsets before, but “for some reason” I felt like I just had to see this one.

As we got on our bus to go over to Rick’s CaIMG_9220fe, it started POURING rain- I mean monsooning like crazy raining! Joe said, “Well, I guess there goes your sunset.” But I know God can move mountains, so what’s a rain storm, right?


We arrived at the cafe (pictures immediately below-also amazingly B-E-A-Utiful!) and the rain let up, but there was this huge band of dark clouds right in front of the sun. Again, Joe cautioned me, “Guess you’re not gonna see that sunset after all.” But I prayed, “Lord, please move those clouds out of our way so I can see that sunset. Amen.”









As I enjoyed myself (took loads of pictures), I kept an eye on those clouds and clearly saw God slowly moving them out of our way until the sun did peek through!


IMG_1885 IMG_1905 IMG_9300

As everyone there pointed their cameras toward the incredible vision, another one of those “promptings” overcame me and I looked off to the left, where the dark clouds had moved away from the SUN, and what I saw was the SON:


Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 12.15.34 PM

(I outlined what I saw to make it a bit clearer for you to see)

I thank God I was sitting down because I would have fallen over the cliffs it was that clear to me. Do you see it now? The Face of Jesus watching over us!

Recall that sweet little prayer, the urge I had to go to Negril, the fact that we were supposed to be on our way home that particular Thursday, and the push in my heart to look at that sunset. This is the way God leads us, my Friends, and I really don’t care who says what, this was all a clear message from God to me and it can be to you too. “Out of the dark clouds, comes the Light. I have not forgotten you; I am always watching over you, Child,” is what I sensed as I beheld the unbelievable image of Jesus in the clouds. Years later God even gave me a Bible verse to go with that whole experience: “For God, who said, ‘Let light shine out of darkness,’ made His light shine on our hearts to give us the light of knowledge of God’s glory displayed in the face of Christ.” (2Co 4:6) Face of Christ!!! How amazing is our God!

Look again at the first picture. Do you see it? Do you SEEK to see Him daily? He is always there, you know. The deeper our relationship with God, the more of His amazing Grace we experience. Let yourself be sensitive to His “promptings” and keep your mind open to what He wants to show you…you just might see a miracle!

<>< Peace, Diane