When life throws you to the ground, what are your choices? Well, you can sit there in the problem (in your ashes) or you can get back up again and move forward in spite of the difficulties. You can either give IN– into the overwhelming weight of the issue- or you can give UP– give up the control you think you have over life, put the situation in God’s hands and lean on Him to get you back up as He gives you the strength to do what you have to do and gives you the assurance to trust in Him to do the rest. Even if God in His sovereign wisdom chooses not to get rid to the problem, He will always inspire you to move forward in a productive fashion anyway. In Him, you can still live an abundant Life no matter what trials try to knock you down. In Him you can still get back up again and make a difference. In Him, you can still be a blessing to others and help them with their problems. I am not here trying to tell you that ‘life’ is perfect, but what I am saying is that the Perfect One can be a part of your broken life and lift you from the “ashes.” He will inspire you to rise from the ashes, from the depression, from the discouragement, from the suffering, from the physical pain… whatever your “ashes” are. And He will help you have a life filled with peace, and joy and righteousness- a life overflowing with kindness, generosity, and grace- a life abundant in faith, hope, and love. In spite of whatever you are doing through, God will help you shake off those ashes and live the abundant Life. Do you want that? I know I do…won’t you join me?