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Other Services- Ways We Can Help

One comment on “Other Services- Ways We Can Help
  1. Nancy Schaaff says:

    OK Diane. I have made a decision! I am determined to act on my intentions to take advantage of the opportunity I have to have a greater impact for the Lord on myself, my family and those around me. I have a lot of work to do in educating myself, but first and foremost; I need to start the process to gain greater time management skills! I feel that in itself is going to propel me much farther forward than I am right now. I realize that I need to reorganize the way in which I operate on a day to day basis to make greater use of the time I have in any given day. I need to make time for bible study, prayer, and exercise on a daily basis. I need to cook more often to keep my family happy not hangry. I also wish to make some time in my week to call, write a card to, or meet with a friend. I would like to add in time to do the creative things I enjoy, like sewing or repainting something for my house. I am very frustrated that I don’t get that “me time” simply because I often “spin my wheels”, as my husband says.
    Like most, I have 50 million thoughts running through my head when I wake up and lack the skills to prioritize and organize them all. As I type out this list, I have already realized that I need to make time to meet with you! I think the best course of action is for me to set up a weekly conference call with you. Please tell me what to do in order to get started!
    I look forward to working with you!


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