Psalm 73 talks about how it appears that the wicked are living a care-free life…then the thought came to me that this is simply Your Mercy on them. These “wicked” will be lost forevermore so, in Your goodness, You give them some type of good life here because “here” is all they’ve got. I love verses 16-17 where he says all this grieved me (seeing the care-free life of the wicked) until I entered Your presence and “I understood their final destiny.” This side of Heaven things look one way but through the eyes of God we can see Truth and their final destiny is far from good…again Your Mercy is sooo incredible Lord. It is like You figure if they are going to be lost forever at least I can give them some blessings here even if they never acknowledge it is Me…even when we refuse to acknowledge Your Sovereign hand on our lives, that You are the one and only source of all that is good in our lives, You bless us anyway- it is Your pleasure to bless us, it is our responsibility to recognize that these blessings come form You and then to give You thanks. The greatest way we can thank You is by passing on the many blessings You pour into us. When we allow Your blessings to overflow from us and bless others, we imitate You, don’t we? We become the loving, kind, generous person You originally designed us to be…and of course, that is the only time that we truly feel fulfilled. We were created in Your Excellent Image and when we reflect it, we are mightily blessed. Ahhh, my Sweet Lord, thank You for Your Mercy, thank You for Your understanding heart, thank You for continuing to lead me moment by moment. I love You. Amen.

Oh and of course, I also LOVE verses 25-26 “Whom have I in heaven but You? And earth has nothing I desire besides You. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” What indescribable hope we have when we make You first in our lives. This certainly does NOT mean that we do not love anyone else in our lives, nor does it mean we do not look forward to being reunited with our loved ones who have gone on before us (I know I am longing to see Rebecca again!), but this is a matter of priorities. This is a matter of making You first and foremost in our lives simply because, well, You are more than worthy of it, but also because all goodness comes from You. I cannot even hope to love my family and friends the way I truly desire to unless I get that kind of selfless, unconditional, eternal Love from You first. I cannot give something away that I do not have-I must come to You and receive first (and give thanks) and then pass it along to those around me. Again I LOVE YOU and I thank You for holding on to my mending heart with such gentle hands. Be patient with me Lord as I continue to reach through the muck and mire up towards You and keep me at Your side always. Amen.